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We believe in collaboration and partnership as the key to successful results and growth. That’s why we’re proud to partner with a wide variety of organizations, from non-profits to private companies. Below is an overview of some of the organizations we work with. We are proud of these collaborations and look forward to further partnerships in the future to drive positive change and contribute to the betterment of the world around us.

Vera Tax – Member of the European Parliament

Vera Tax is a Dutch politician who has been serving as a Member of the European Parliament for the Labour Party since 2019.

“I believe in the power of collaboration, fair sharing and giving each other space. When strong people are well off, they should stand up for those who are less well off. We must work towards a sustainable future.

I am working towards a sustainable and fair Europe and I cannot do this alone, I need you to do that. Your ideas, support, and trust. Knowing that people support and appreciate me gives me the power to keep going!”


The municipality of Venlo has a strategic course that focuses on a future with a (modest) population growth and a strong European orientation.

Gipa Kunsthal Panningen

Gipa Kunsthal (Gipa Art Hall)

Work is done here, with creativity and rolled up sleeves. There is room for doing and room for thinking. Companies, organizations and individuals can meet each other at Gipa Kunsthal in Panningen. It is a workshop and rehearsal room. Art can be worked on and it is possible to connect. Graphics, illustrations, performances & arts.

Venlo Kleurt Roze (Venlo Turns Pink)

The Pink Week is organized under the umbrella of Venlo Kleurt Roze. After a successful Pink Saturday in Venlo in 2019, the foundation continues as Venlo Kleurt Roze. A supporting foundation that is committed to diversity within the municipalities of Venlo. Projects that are supported contribute to increasing understanding for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

ega: frauen im zentrum

Culture. Communication. Contact. The range of the ega is based on these cornerstones. It comes from women* and is meant for women*. The Women’s Center is an offer to all Viennese to enter an open partnership and emancipated society

Women’s Rights Centre

works for equal status of women and men in public and private life.

Women’s rights are an inseparable part of fundamental human rights. Any kind of violence against women breaches international law on human rights, no matter if performed by an individual, social group or a government.


Ambaum Brandmakers

In top sport it is always about winning. That’s how we look at our customers. Participating is fun, but winning is what it’s all about. That is our ambition. To win, you must set a goal and every piece of the puzzle must fit. That is why we set a target for all assignments. We call that a claim. What does our client want to achieve. How can we achieve that: from (brand) strategy to creative campaigns, from implementation to (social) media. And how do we ensure that we can sustain the winning position of our customers. That’s what we’re going for. Ambaum BrandMakers is a result-oriented brand performance agency.

Ania Liesting Portraits

As a photographer, I have a passion for capturing the beauty and power of women. My mission is to help women discover their own unique beauty and strength and show them how special they are. I do this through an unique photo experience that aims to empower women and help them increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Ania Liesting Portraits

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