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The women’s strikes in my native Poland have made me reflect. Every attempt to curtail freedom that women have fought hard for over the decades touches me, hurts me, makes me angry. Abortion is only possible in Poland under strict conditions. There are LGBTI+-free zones. Women’s rights are severely limited. Women become second class citizens. I am ashamed of what is happening in my native country.

The women who have stood on the barricades in Poland have inspired and energized me. With the multimedia project Ode aan Vrouwen and as a photographer, I want to make our voice heard and draw attention to our struggle for freedom. As a symbol for all women around the world who fight for equal rights and the right to self-determination over their bodies.

My name is Ania Liesting. Together with the Dutch writer Maurice Ambaum and Celestina Stark we bring an international Ode to Women.

Celestina Stark

Celestina Stark Born in Romania, living in the Netherlands. Celestina is an audio-video specialist at Fontys University of Applied Sciences and the secretary of the Ode to Women Foundation.

Maurice Ambaum owner of Ambaum BrandMakers, a result-oriented brand performance agency with offices in Steyl, Paris and Los Angeles. Co-founder and director of the Ode to Women Foundation.
Ania Liesting

Ania Liesting a portrait photographer, born in Poland, living in the Netherlands. Initiator of Ode to Women Project. Co-founder and director of the Ode to Women Foundation.

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