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Een list of interesting links from (women’s) organisations on very diffrent platforms:

Emancipator – Emancipator is the only organization in the Netherlands that explicitly focuses on involving boys, men and masculinity in gender equality. This is badly needed, because conversations about issues and problems in which gender plays a role often concern women and LGBTQIA+ people, while the core of the problem all too often lies in oppressive masculinity standards. To achieve gender equality, men must also change. Male emancipation is about men’s contributions to the emancipation of women and about the liberation of men from traditional masculinities. We work in a variety of projects to prevent violent masculinity, promote caring masculinity and normalize sexual and gender diversity:

UN Women is the global champion for women and girls. It acts on the premise that every woman has the right to live a free life from violence, poverty, and discrimination, and that gender equality is central to achieving development:

Women on Web is a Canadian non-profit organization, providing help and information on safe abortion and contraception.

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Women on Web is a team of medical doctors, researchers, activists, and help desk members. Women on Web advocates for and facilitates access to contraception and safe abortion services to protect women’s health and lives:

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