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‘Not One More’ woman in Poland should die from barbaric anti abortion law! EP says Polish women must get access to legal and safe abortions

Thousands of people took to the streets again last weekend. This time to commemorate Iza, one of the victims of the brutal anti-abortion law in Poland. She died in the hospital. Her life was clearly in danger from the pregnancy. She was 22 weeks pregnant and scans had already shown that the fetus had serious abnormalities. Doctors refused an abortion because a heartbeat could still be heard. When a new scan in the hospital showed that the baby was dead, it was decided to have a caesarean section. But she died on the way to the operating room.

I just received this message: “The European Parliament has just passed the resolution on the appalling abortion ban in Poland with a clear majority. With this ban, Poland is violating fundamental European rights and is doing Polish women a great injustice. We cannot do this within the EU accept.”

Read here the publication about the resolution:

#anijednejwiecej #NoOneMore

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